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Long Beard AND Tash, Black.

Long Beard AND Tash, Brown mix.

Long Beard AND Tash, Grey mix.

Pirate Tash AND Beard, Black.

Tash AND Goatee, Black. (Ali G).

Cavalier Set, Black, Beard and Tash, Self Adhesive, in Display Pack

Sideburns, Teddy boy, self adhesive, Black.

Pirate Tash, droopy style, self adhesive, Black.

70's Tash, self adhesive, Black.

Music Hall Tash, upturned, self adhesive, Black.

Cowboy Tash, Brown, Self-Adhesive, in Display Pack

Chinaman/Mandarin Tash, self adhesive, Black.

Spiv Tash, self adhesive, Black.

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Head office: 74/78 Charlton Road,
London SE3 8TW.